CERCON Smart Ceramics – the best solution for you

Read carefully the following questions. Have you answered yes at least to two of them? Do you suffer from similar problems? CERCON Smart Ceramics is the best solution for you.

  •  Are you dissatisfied with the look of your bridge or crown? Does it seems unnatural to you? Does it seems to you that everybody notice that unnaturalness at once when you smile?
  •  Are your gums surrounded by unnatural dark rim?
  • Are your gums infected and swollen in the area of crowns or bridges? Do they always bleed when touching them softly?
  • Do you have strange metallic taste in your mouth?
  • Do you feel a foul smell from your mouth?
  • Do you feel your mouth to be unnaturally full? Do you find your crowns (bridges) unnaturally heavy?
  • Have you been smiling less lately?

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